The Youth Struggle

Poem by Sipho Sepamla

The youth played a key role in the liberation struggle. The class of 1976 bravely took to the streets and overturned the long held notion within the liberation movement that the working class was the essential force in challenging the apartheid regime. The 1973 Durban strike and the 1976 students revolt brought together the most significant forces and changed the face of South African history by challenging the apartheid regime. The June 16 Uprisings was a protest by the students against the forceful introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in Black schools. It was organised by the students themselves. It took place at a time when liberation movements were banned throughout the country. The protest started off peacefully in Soweto but it turned chaotic when the police opened fire on unarmed protesting students. By the third day the unrest had gained momentum and spread to the townships around Soweto and other parts of the country. Although, it took the parents and the workers in and around Soweto sometime to buy into the idea of the demonstrations by students, they finally did and gave them their utmost support in ensuring that the uprising's goals were achieved... read on

Ongoing project in commemorating of June 16 1976 and the south african youth struggle